Featured Youth Projects

Take a look at some of the local and national sustainability projects that have been set up all around the world!

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he mission of the National High School Climate Forum (NHSCF) is to foster an exchange of ideas between student environmental ... read more
Voiz is a sustainability venture founded in 2020 by Yvonne Espinosa, Diego Espinosa, and Victoria Trujillo Onodera, which pushes for ... read more
BAYLI, the Bay Area Youth Lobbying Initiative, aims to galvanise students into getting involved in democracy by bridging the divide ... read more
The Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition was inspired by Greta Thunberg’s school strike for climate, but takes a different approach to ... read more
Heard of Change Agents UK? Read on to hear about their work! Their four aims are to provide: 1) learning ... read more
The World’s Youth for Climate Justice (WYCJ) is a campaign founded by the Pacific Island Students Fighting Climate Change. They ... read more
Food@COP is a youth collective aiming to ensure that the catering at COP events is environmentally friendly and supports the ... read more
This Peruvian Climate Project was founded by environmental engineers in 2018. CICS offers the local communities innovative solutions for climate ... read more
Food Saving Lund is an organisation run by a group of people fighting against food waste by doing regular food ... read more
This youth-led environmental organisation was founded in 1983 and has grown since then to lead the way in European climate ... read more
Youth Climate Leaders tackle the climate crisis and structural unemployment together! Read on to hear their story. ... read more
Introducing SOS-UK, an NUS educational charity tackling the climate crisis. Read on to find out more about their programmes, goals ... read more
Wine, but eco-friendly: read about this fascinating project, On Cloud Wine. This team aim to strengthen eco-tourism in the wine ... read more
The Faces of Tomorrow is a digital story-telling platform which shares stories of individual sustainable journeys. ... read more
Cambridge University Environmental Consulting Society aims to make both the University and City of Cambridge more environmentally responsible and energy ... read more
Introducing ‘No Place Green Enough’: a fantastic new podcast about all things climate-change which launched this month. ... read more
Re-Earth Initiative is a youth-led international NGO on a mission to make the climate movement accessible to all. ... read more
FOOD·E is a startup created by Atli Sævar that works to inform the public of their food’s environmental impact through ... read more
2050 Climate Group is a Scottish, volunteer-based organisation empowering young people to take action on the climate crisis. ... read more
Cold Cooperation is a role-playing game designed to explore the challenges of climate policy and climate change. ... read more
Will Moody discusses the Cambridge Carbon Literacy Project - an environmental education course open to all students, free of charge ... read more
Healthy Planet Cambridge is a branch of Healthy Planet UK. They follow their overall aims and methods, ensuring the important ... read more
100 Voices - One Planet collects and amplifies voices from people living in some of the regions most affected by ... read more
The Cambridge Food Hub is all about creating a better local food system and more robust connections between producers and ... read more
A youth-led initiative aiming to better equip marginalized communities in combating, monitoring, and preventing climate change-related illnesses, particularly Neglected Tropical ... read more
Nature-based solutions (NbS) are ways of working with nature to benefit both people and biodiversity. The Nature-based Solutions Initiative is ... read more
The Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) is dedicated to providing solutions to pressing environmental issues through research and developing businesses ... read more
To better educate and empower youths, monthly podcasts and infographic videos on CPJ’s public-facing media platforms have platformed POC and ... read more