Law and Justice

Here we have our articles concerning Climate Justice and Environmental Law!


Our Children’s Trust is a US non-profit law firm that helps youth to fight for their right to a safe Read more
In a historic unanimous resolution the UNGA asked the ICJ to clarify what are states’ obligations to combat the climate Read more
The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) is a 1,443 km heated and buried pipeline that will export oil from Read more
Individuals in low-income communities are more affected by inadequate waste management and resource exploitation. People who live in poverty are Read more
Only 18 % of appointed ministers worldwide are women. The vulnerability of women to the climate crisis is not only Read more
The ICC has the power to prosecute people (and not nations or organisations) for four types of crimes: genocide, crimes Read more
The carbon cycle is a biogeochemical process in which carbon is exchanged between reservoirs through fluxes over a period of Read more
Within the strict interpretation of the law, “corporate environmental crimes are strictly speaking not a crime”. The 2008 Environmental Crime Read more
As it hasn’t sufficiently reduced greenhouse gas emissions, the Netherlands couldn’t fulfill its duty of care towards its citizens, neither Read more
The increase in worldwide water temperatures creates environments where waterborne zoonoses such as schistosomiasis, cercarial dermatitis, fascioliasis, and fasciolopsiasis thrive Read more