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The Faces of Tomorrow shares inspiring stories about individuals’ sustainable journeys from all over the world in order to raise awareness on environmental challenges and educate people on the climate crisis. We believe that these stories could motivate people to implement environmentally friendly habits and engage in their social responsibilities for a better society. The team consists of a group of like-minded people from a variety of different backgrounds that are united by the motivation to prompt positive change in our society.

Deepika is currently a Ph.D. student at the Centre of Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN), Institute of Geography, University of Hamburg, Germany. Her research focus is on climate change adaptation through sustainable livelihoods of marginalized communities in the Himalayas.

Julia studied Sustainable Food Systems in Uppsala, Sweden and just started to work for a start up in Berlin, focusing on nutrition and sustainability. 

Diana is currently completing a Master in Climate Change in Copenhagen.

Giorgia studied Politics in London and is interested in climate change policies, the geopolitics of energy and energy transitions.

Karan is working as a Web Developer at MOIA, a German ride-sharing company with its own electric fleet and a mission to offset carbon. He believes in exploring the linkages between his area of expertise and the societal role he can play towards protecting the environment. 

The Faces of Tomorrow is a digital story-telling  platform that was created during the European Institute of Technology Climate-KIC Journey, Europe’s largest climate innovation summer school. This six-week programme runs every summer with the objective of uniting hundreds of motivated international students, researchers and entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions to pressing environmental issues. One of the many projects that emerged from this cross-collaboration was the Faces of Tomorrow – an Instagram page created to raise environmental awareness on sustainable practices and to improve effective climate communication. It was developed to promote a positive and proactive approach to sustainability through storytelling.

By sharing initiatives and tips from inspiring individuals that take an active role in creating a sustainable future, The Faces of Tomorrow aims to connect and empower people to catalyse climate action. Whether it is a small positive impact or a big project, The Faces of Tomorrow values each step that is taken to create a more climate-resilient society. The platform gives people an opportunity to engage in continuous learning, share ideas, raise awareness on climate issues and support each other towards a sustainable journey.

Given the positive response of this platform, it has now expanded to include an official website, where individuals can share inspiring stories about their eco-friendly lifestyle changes. Furthermore, The Faces of Tomorrow’s long-term vision is to collaborate and partner with NGOs, schools and student unions at various Universities to organise stewardship events such as clean-up drives and workshops. By engaging in community awareness and youth empowerment, The Faces of Tomorrow hopes to drive accountability at the individual level.

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