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Never fear! ClimaTalk recorded Live Discussion Sessions during COP26 covering several topics from the COP26 programme.

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What we do

ClimaTalk is a youth-led non-profit organisation that seeks to demystify climate policy and amplify young people’s voices in the fight against the climate crisis.

We write short and accessible articles about climate policy and related topics. These are perfect for the bus ride home or between lectures, and for people without policy experience.

In addition, we want to promote your work. We are showcasing youth climate projects and students’ university work (Bachelor, Master or PhD theses).

We also highlight higher education opportunities with an environmental focus. You can get an overview on our university courses map or read some of our course reviews by current or former students of these courses.

Our COP26 section focuses entirely on the international climate conference, COP26, and everything related to it, including the process, important figures and institutions, and concrete negotiation topics.

We need you!

If you want to contribute to our article collection, want to present a project you’re working on, a theses you’ve written or a university course you’re studying, please get in touch here.

Your article suggestion, project, university work or university course can be anything related to climate policy and the climate crisis more widely, be it policy, economics, law, science, history, technology, or a specific topic focus.

What we believe

We believe that the climate is in a state of crisis that needs to be addressed now. Our mission is to inspire young people all over the world to respond to the crisis by helping them understand environmental policy and related issues, and by finding out how they can get involved and what kind of impact they can have.

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We believe that spreading information in the most accessibleconcise, and accurate way possible is one of the best means to reach people. Amidst the complex and confusing landscape of the global media, we want to be a clear, unbiased, and precise source for everyone to turn to.

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We believe that our climate is talking. Now we must listen.