Economic Concepts

If the ownership of negative externalities is assigned, parties can negotiate to reach the best deal. Negotiation is often more Read more
A steady-state economy entails a stable population and per capita consumption that do not exceed the carrying capacity of ecosystems. Read more
The Social Discount Rate (SDR) represents the value we place on the welfare of future generations and consequently the cost Read more
Jevon’s paradox describes how a more efficient use of one resource can actually result in the opposite: an increase in Read more
An introduction to Green Bonds and why they will be crucial to the future of financing. Read more
An economic concept describing the destructive incompatibility of shared resources and self-interest. Read more
The second of the Kyoto protocol’s reduction incentives. It issues tradable carbon allowances for Article I countries to trade, additionally Read more
The CDM rewards developed countries who aid developing countries in their sustainable development, by issuing sustainable development projects with Certified Read more