ClimaTalk makes the UN climate conferences accessible and understandable for young people. 

We break down complicated UN processes and simplify the negotiations and agreements. ClimaTalk also uplifts youth voices at the conferences, giving them a platform to share their insights, experiences and demands, and inspiring other young people to get involved in international climate policy.

ClimaTalk has reported live from three international climate conferences: COP26 in 2021, COP27 in 2022, and SB58 (Bonn Climate Change Conference) in 2023.

A ClimaTalk delegation will be reporting live from this year's COP28.

COP28 Fact Sheet

COP28 Factsheet

The COP28 Factsheet is a downloadable and comprehensive overview of Climate COPs and COP28 in particular that serves as an easy-to-read tool in the lead up to and during COP28.

Timeline of COPs

Timeline of COPs
ABCs of climate COPS PROMO - post

ABCs of Climate COPs

The “ABCs of Climate COPs” is an easy-to-read downloadable booklet that offers an accessible breakdown of climate COPs and the common terminology and acronyms used.

Want live updates from COP28?

ClimaTalk will be bringing live updates straight from UAE durign the upcoming climate change coonference, COP28!

We are on a missio to demystify climate policy and amplify youth voices at COP28.

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