We are a diverse, international team of young volunteers with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. We are united by a belief in climate solutions, through policy reform as well as individual and collective action. At ClimaTalk we demystify climate policy and showcase young people’s work and projects, so everyone can understand and follow these complex issues and we can spark positive change around the world. We always welcome new volunteers, so if you’d like to join our team just get in touch!

Emma Heiling
President & Co-founder

Emma is a recent Cambridge University graduate in Land Economy (combines law, economics and environment). During her time at Cambridge, she had leading roles in various environmental projects and societies in areas concerning, for example, food sustainability, sustainable investment and environmental consulting. After her gap year, she is planning on pursuing a Master’s in Environmental Policy.

Gianna Compagno

Gianna is a second-year student studying Human, Social, and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. She currently holds a role in the Trinity Ethical and Green Affairs society and is working on encouraging divestment at Trinity College. Her objective after she completes her university degree is to pursue manufacturing reform, sustainability, and environmental support in the corporate world, specifically in the fashion industry.

Toby Antippas

Toby is a third-year Natural Sciences undergraduate at the University of Cambridge. He has been involved with student-driven sustainability projects in research and community initiatives. He is particularly interested in the energy transition and has previously worked with the European Horizons policy incubator to publish work on climate resilience planning in urban landscapes.

Puria Radmard
Co-founder & Advisor

Puria is a third-year engineering undergrad at Cambridge University. He’s had environmental roles in student unions and initiatives, and has been recognised by the Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Award for these. His focus is on how the rise of deep learning and technology in general can be applied to environmentalism, for example in his role in the Cambridge Carbon Map.

Mouki Kambouroglou
Public Relations Coordinator

Mouki is a Modern Languages graduate from the University of Oxford, currently studying for an MSc in International Migration & Public Policy from the LSE. She sits on the Board of Trustees at SolidariTee, a student-led charity raising awareness about the refugee crisis and giving grants to NGOs providing legal aid to asylum seekers. She is interested in how and why people move across the planet, and what the impact of movements (or non-movements) can be. Her role at ClimaTalk covers networking, outreach and social media.

Hannah Bryant
Social Media Officer

Hannah is currently studying for her Masters in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on chemical modelling of the stratospheric ozone depletion above the Arctic and how this ozone loss impacts our health. She is interested in how global policies can drastically shape our atmospheric landscape and climate. Her role at ClimaTalk is to manage our Instagram and Facebook accounts and improve our engagement on these platforms.

Soham Wrick Datta
Social Media Officer

Soham is a Clinical Researcher in Immuno-Oncology with a PhD in Oncology and a background in Immunology, Global Health & Clinical Medicine. He is the Chairperson and Strategic Head of the Journey Visions Podcast other than being an entrepreneur and runs Food Saving Lund. He is based in Sweden now but has lived, studied and worked in India, China, Ireland, Hong Kong and Lithuania. His interests include travel photography (Counting Souvenirs & Counting Tastebuds), storytelling and a lot of adventure sports. He speaks as many as 9 languages and one of his motivations is to bridge the gap between climate change, global health and medical research. He is also developing a project called On Cloud Wine that is working towards making the wine sector more sustainable.

Irene Domínguez Pérez

Irene is a Industrial Engineering graduate by the Technical University of Madrid, currently finishing her Double Degree Master in Electromechanical Engineering in the Brussels Faculty of Engineering. Her growing concern for sustainability issues led her to analyse the environmental impact of power generation in her Bachelor thesis. She’s also a participant of the EIT Climate-KIC Journey 2020 and looks forward to working in tackling environmental challenges.

Ananya Iyer
Networking & Outreach Officer & Graphic Design Officer

Ananya is currently pursuing her masters in Climate Studies at Wageningen University and Research with a focus on climate, society and economics. Prior to this she worked with the WWF and as an environmental educator after completing her BSc in Biology at the University of York. She is passionate about tropical forests, palm oil and how environmental economics can be used to bridge inequalities for a sustainable future. Her role at ClimaTalk includes networking, graphics and occasionally writing articles.

Scarlet Torrance
Networking & Outreach Officer

Scarlet has recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Land Economy. The course placed a combined focus on law, economics and their relationship with the environment. Her areas of interest include food sustainability and sustainable energy. Scarlet is part of the Networking and Outreach team, a role which involves actively finding new connections for ClimaTalk.

Laura Álvarez
Networking & Outreach Officer

Laura is a final year Sustainable Management student at the Technical University of Berlin. She is currently writing her thesis on the relation between ecodesign and consumers´ behavior. During her internship at a multinational corporation she had the opportunity to experience and live sustainability from the side of large companies while managing projects in the areas of waste management, recycling and vulnerable communities. She is a strong believer in education and good communication as tools for changing our systems and patterns. Laura is part of the Networking and Outreach team and an occasional author for Clima Talk.

Pablo Cano Carciofa
Networking & Outreach Officer

Pablo is a final year Economics student at the University of Cambridge. He has studied both classical economics and its applications into economic development and industry. He hopes that environmental economics can be a tool for policymakers and institutions alike, to create sustainable, equitable growth in the future.

Marlene Gerlinger
Networking & Outreach Officer

Marlene is a European Studies final year student at King’s College London. While at university, she has been an active member of the KCL societies that promote sustainability and climate activism for the past years. She is particularly interested in environmental economics, environmental policy,  waste management, and food sustainability. In her spare time Marlene tries to spend as much time as she can in the mountains – seeing the glaciers getting smaller and smaller triggered her passion for raising awareness about climate change and drive change. Marlene is part of the Networking and Outreach team.

Abi Clarke
Content Planner

Abi is an Environmental Science 2019 graduate from the University of Exeter and currently working as an Environmental and Sustainability consultant at an energy consultancy in London. She has experience in energy policy, hydrogen policy and strategies, food sustainability and environmental communication. She was a participant of the EIT Climate-KIC Journey 2020 and feels passionately about making climate and environmental policy accessible to everyone.

Arsum Pathak
Content Planner

Arsum is a Ph.D. candidate in the Environmental Science and Policy program at the University of South Florida. Her research interests lie in climate change impacts, adaptation, and resilience planning. Through her research, she wants to explore creative and collaborative solutions for climate change. Arsum is passionate about bridging the science-policy gap and strives to inform policy and decision-making through her research. She serves as a Content Planner and contributes towards creating engaging content for ClimaTalk.

Iris Kwok
Content Planner

Iris is a Human, Social, and Political Sciences student (specialising in Politics and Sociology) at the University of Cambridge. She is interested in the intersection of sustainability and other social issues, especially in how solutions can address both topics. She also enjoys learning about technological innovations and economic frameworks that tackle these problems.

Kyanna Ouyang
Content Planner

Kyanna is a Natural Sciences student (specialising in Pathology) at the University of Cambridge. She is mainly interested in the applications and potential of biotechnology in sustainability, especially in the context of food sustainability and sustainable fashion. In her role as a content planner for ClimaTalk, she works to design inspiring content that will bring a more hopeful perspective to the hugely complex and oftentimes distressing issue of climate change.

Rudolph Schwarz-Schütte
Content Planner & Author

Rudolph is a third year History of Art student at the University of Cambridge. He is very passionate about renewable energies and environmental policies which has led him to work for a renewable electricity trading company and studying the application of economic and legal concepts to environmental challenges prior to his current studies. He is keen to develop a better understanding of communication and teaching in regards to climate action and to review current developments in sustainable technologies and markets.

Keziah Florin-Sefton
Content Planner & Author

Keziah is a second year undergraduate, currently studying Politics and Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. She is primarily interested in understanding how national and international climate policies are actualised in local settings. This has led her to explore the importance of town planning and architecture in dictating climate conscious decision-making. She is also involved in the Foodcycle Cambridge, an organization that repurposes surplus food.

Hayd Mohamed

Hayd is a third year Physical Geographer at Queen Mary University of London. Her interests lie in Climate inequality, fluvial geomorphology and a plethora of things related to environmental sustainability. She has experience in policy work from her time as an intern at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, where she worked on policy options areas that would contribute to the Environment and Agriculture Bill. Her role within ClimaTalk is working as an author.

Jeevan Shemar
Author & Editor

Jeevan is a law student primarily interested in human rights and public law. His climate-related interests mostly concern the social and economic implications of (local and international) environmental policy. He is involved in various third-sector organisations and believes in the ability of democratically accountable, collective institutions to improve people’s lives. He works with ClimaTalk as an editor and author.

Sebastian Hettrich
Author & Editor

Sebastian has studied physics and astrophysics before pursuing his PhD degree in meteorology on atmospheric dispersion modelling of radionuclides. From 2017 to 2020 he has been working at the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg as scientific project manager for the decadal climate prediction system MiKlip, which is now in operational use at the German Weather Service. Since 2019 he is working at the Leibniz University Hannover as project coordinator for MOSAIK-2, a scientific project to develop an urban climate model to be used by city planners and city administration to adapt cities to climate change. Aside from that, Sebastian has been active in several volunteer groups and organisations determined to advocate sustainability, nature and climate protection.

Georgia Fulton
Author Coordinator & Editor-in-Chief

Georgia has just graduated from Cambridge with an MPhil in Renaissance Literature. While pursuing postgraduate research, she led a campaign to hold the university’s green credentials to account, by ensuring that their new energy procurement contract was genuinely progressive: with a resultant contract deriving all electricity from 100% renewables and no biomass. She is also involved in the HS2 Rebellion campaign. Her role at ClimaTalk is coordinating authors and editors so that the publication runs smoothly.

Hannah Harrison

Hannah is a 2nd year Geography student at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. She describes her first year of studying at Cambridge as pivotal in not only her approach to environmental sustainability, but also in her becoming an Editor for ClimaTalk. In her spare time, she tutors A level geography students, is a committee member for her university’s geography magazine and helps to organise her college’s geography society. Hailing from a state-comprehensive school, she is keen to make environmentalism more accessible through her work and is excited to be a part of the ClimaTalk team!

Alice Todd

Alice is studying for a Master’s in Climate Change at King’s College London, having recently graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Biology. At Bristol, she led a community gardening society, collaborating with local charities on various environmental projects. Her main interests lie in the interaction between food security, sustainable agriculture and climate change, with a particular focus on China where she spent several months studying on a university scholarship.

Isabel Siggers

Isabel is a 2nd year Earth Sciences student at Trinity College, Cambridge. She spends her summers in the United States working for her local government’s parks department, and such she approaches her studies with an interest not just in climate science but the manner in which new discoveries are communicated to and utilized by the general public and their governments. Her areas of interest include sustainable sources of energy, policies such as the carbon tax, and the increased prevalence and impacts of severe weather events.

Nathalie Chapman
Editor & Graphic Design Officer

Natalie is a recent Classics graduate from the University of Cambridge, currently taking a year out before undertaking further study. Through her work as part of the Clare College Student Union she organised a number of environmental initiatives including a Green Week of sustainably themed events and a food composting scheme within the college accommodation. She is interested in food sustainability, the fast fashion industry, global climate inequality and the low impact living. Her role at Climatalk includes occasionally writing articles, editorial work and graphic design.

Adriana Bascone
Graphic Design Advisor

Adriana Bascone holds an undergraduate degree in Environment and Bio-resources Management from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Over the past years, she has been active in several youth initiatives around climate, energy and youth empowerment in general. She was project manager of the Local Conference of Youth Austria on climate change twice, having founded it in 2018 and is now leading the communication of the youth-NGO CliMates Austria, along with working in energy efficiency. She cares most about bringing people together for deep connections and being creative.

Ben Williams

Ben has been working in tech for nearly two years, previously for Microsoft Research and now working on a range of areas as part of Ocado. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with a MEng. With the important role sustainable technology has to play in the coming decades in changing consumer and business behaviour, he hopes to strengthen his skills and use them to contribute in this field.

Patrizia Gragnani
Content Planning

Patrizia has a background in economics and business and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Management for Sustainability at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies. Her research is focused on municipal governance for climate change mitigation. She is involved in consultancy projects with regional and municipal governments concerning climate change and sustainability. She hopes that in the future, all governments will put sustainability and climate change at the center of their agenda. She was awarded the Korean Government Scholarship in 2015 thanks to which she pursued an MBA in South Korea, and has worked in different international startups.

Vincent Diringer
COP26 Team

After graduating from James Cook University with a BSc. in Environmental Management in 2017 , Vincent has worked across South East Asia and the United Kingdom on a range of environmental education and conservation programmes. An avid writer who has worked as a freelancer for both private and public entities within the field of science communication and sustainability, Vincent is an advocate for strong climate action. Currently in the second year of a Masters in Biology, Science Communications & Society from Leiden University, he joins the COP26 team with an interest in promoting sustainable development and social action.

Leonie Schiedek
COP26 Team

Leonie graduated from Uppsala University with a MSc. in Sustainable Development and started working as Carlo Schmid Fellow at UNEP-DTU Partnership in Copenhagen Denmark. She has lived and worked around Europe (Germany, Scandinavia) and Latin America in different sustainability initiatives, from the SDG Action Campaign in Mexico to Germany’s largest crowdfunding platform for sustainable projects. In her freetime, Leonie is currently building up a sustainability network with Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation to raise awareness for the topic in the conservative political spectrum. Also, she is currently trained as ambassador for the Alliance for Development and Climate and founded the Journey Vision Podcast – A Pathway towards Sustainability during the EIT Climate-KIC summer school. Leonie’s interest is mainly the good governance of natural resources and climate change.

Hannah Melville-Rea
COP26 Team

Hannah pursues interdisciplinary research in climate resilience at NYU Abu Dhabi and is an incoming Anne Kantor Fellow at The Australia Institute. She has trained with Al Gore in climate leadership, participated in UNFCCC climate negotiations and provided policy recommendations for the G7. As part of the COP2 team, she aims to build transparency and youth capacity to drive ambitious climate policy.

Malek Romdhane
COP26 Team

Malek is currently the regional coordinator for North and Central Africa at the 16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16) and director of External Relations with the International Youth Council, Tunisia Chapter. Having a background in business specialised in communication and green marketing and six years of experience with international organizations, she advocates for a sustainable and fair future. She believes that business leaders have a shared responsibility in addressing climate change. She is passionate about sustainable fashion, food security, waste management and climate policy. Her interest in climate action grew when she actively participated in the youth exchange «Environmentally Friendly Targets» in the Modbury City Council, in the UK,  the first town in Europe to ban plastic bags from its shops. This project shaped her perspective on how leadership and the acquisition of the right knowledge can influence policies and generate an impact on advancing climate within businesses. Her motto in life is: «My dream is to live in a world where human rights and climate justice are not just slogans.»

Elizaveta Nidzelskaya
COP26 Team

Elizaveta is an MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation student at the London School of Economics. She is interested in green growth and the energy transition, with a particular focus on mineral-rich countries, such as Russia. She is currently involved in the UNDP Young Environmental Journalist campaign, writing about capacity building projects empowering Mongolian women in mining-affected areas to defend their environmental rights.

Amy Wilson
COP26 Team

Amy graduated from the University of York in 2018 with a Master’s degree in Chemistry, before starting a Civil and Environmental Engineering Ph.D. at Imperial College London. She has continued to engage in climate change research and projects. Namely, she attended COP25 (2019) in Madrid and co-authored a Grantham Institute briefing paper titled ‘The contribution of coastal blue carbon ecosystems to climate change mitigation and adaptation’. Her interest in air quality is also demonstrated by her on-going work with national and local council level policymakers through Imperial’s Network of Excellence in Air Quality.