Who We Are

ClimaTalk consists of a team of over 100 young volunteers from over 30 countries with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Through enabling a deep understanding of climate policy, we want to empower young people in the fight for climate action! Find out more about our leadership team below and check out the map to see where all of our volunteers are based.

Our Leadership Team

Emma Heiling

CEO & Founder

Emma has recently finished her Master’s in Environmental Policy at Sciences Po, Paris, and is now based back in her home city Vienna (Austria). She has a bachelor’s degree in Land Economy (Environment, Law and Economics) from the University of Cambridge and founded ClimaTalk at the end of her final year in June 2020. She is also very passionate about animal rights and a big vegan foodie.

Georgia Fulton

COO & Editor-in-Chief

Georgia researches and teaches at the University of Geneva, having studied English literature at Cambridge and Durham. She is Editor-in-Chief at ClimaTalk. Currently she can be found in the mountains around Geneva when not in the library!

Chiara Bortolussi

Website Team Co-Lead

Chiara is currently doing her Master’s in Sociology at the University of Turin. She has a BA in Communication, Media, and Advertising from IULM University in Milan. Her main area of work is creating multi-platform strategies for sharing content on social media, with a focus on inclusive and accessible content. When she isn’t squinting at her computer screen, you will likely find her with her head buried in a book with a cup of tea in her hand.

Ananya Sharma

Website Team Co-Lead

Ananya is a first year Geography student at University College London. Her experience at COP26 and the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge has sparked her passion for raising climate awareness among young people and advocating the importance of sustainability. She is also particularly interested in climate repair has undertaken an EPQ (extended project qualification) on these strategies.

Afef Abdelli

Design Team Lead

Afef has a master’s degree in Human Resources and Management. Recently, she obtained a certificate in reporter photography. She is passionate about taking photos, also interested in sustainable human development, and climate change. She cares about the environment and future generation. That’s why she believes that taking care of the environment now helps to preserve it for tomorrow. She loves languages and exploring new places.

Matteo Bagaini

Public Relations Team Lead

Matteo graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2019 with a BA in English Literature. After that, he moved into the Education/EdTech sector and has been working in this sector for the past 4 years. He is excited in supporting ClimaTalk in demystifying the climate challenges that exist today for young people!

Isabel Siggers

Editing Team Co-Lead

Isabel is a 4th year Earth Sciences student at the University at Cambridge, with a focus on Geophysics. Originally from the United States, she is interested in how scientific research drives innovation in carbon capture and sequestration projects, and how these innovations are fostered by economics and policy

Julia Gaus

Editing Team Co-Lead

Julia is a young professional in development cooperation focusing on sustainable urban development and climate finance. She holds a masters degree in climate change, development and policy from the University of Sussex and an undergraduate degree in international relations. At ClimaTalk she is currently serving as Co-Lead of the Editing Team as well as Commissioning Editor. In her free time she is passionate about exercising outdoors and sustainable living.

Alexandra Nikolin

Research Team Lead

Alexandra is a 3rd year Natural Sciences student at Cambridge, specialising in conservation science and applied ecology. Throughout her time at Cambridge she has been the Green Officer and Ethical Affairs Executive for Fitzwilliam College, as well as being an active member of Cambridge University Environmental Consulting Society. In September, Alexandra plans to start her MSc in Global Environmental Change and Policy at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In addition to policy, Alexandra is especially interested in the role biodiversity plays in the climate crisis.

Rachel Ojo

COP28 Project Co-Lead

Rachel has just finished studying PPE at the University of Oxford and now works in finance in London. As a UK youth delegates to COP28, she is passionate about representing young people and working towards positive and realistic solutions to the climate crisis. She enjoys public speaking and campaigning in her free time.

Salma Ezz

COP28 Project Co-Lead

Salma is a third year Mass Communication student at Cairo University in Egypt. She’s extremely interested in climate justice and breaking the barriers when it comes to communication of the climate crisis. She’s an avid reader, a lover of Greek Mythology and a cat person through and through.

Maria Constantinescu

EU Policy Project Lead

Maria is working as Sustainability Specialist in the private sector, based in Belgium, after studying and volunteering in Romania, Czech Republic, Morocco and Portugal. Her mission of empowering youth for climate action has been highlighted in the past years as she represented Romania as the Youth4Climate delegate, COP26 delegate, and International Conferences for Youth related to the SDGs agenda. With her studies she specialized in Global Governance and EU Integration, which is one of the reasons why Maria is leading the EU Policy Team at ClimaTalk.

Anna Bortolussi

YCLD Project Co-Lead

Anna is working towards qualifying as a lawyer in London. She is interested in climate justice, and has explored the links between climate change, human rights, and migration.  When she is not studying, you are guaranteed to find her climbing or hiking somewhere!

Adriana Alzamora

YCLD Project Co-Lead

Adriana is a Law Bachelor from Lima, Peru. Her background is as a research assistant in human rights and vulnerable populations. Her interest in climate justice solidified while researching for her Bachelor thesis in climate litigation brought by young people in Latin America. Currently, she doing her masters in International Affairs in Berlin, where she wants to specialize in climate justice from a Global South approach.

Nia Fehlow

Climate@Uni Project Co-Lead

Nia is currently doing her Master’s in International Conflict and Cooperation. As a Co-Lead of the Climate@Uni project, she is excited about the opportunity to highlight young people’s work on climate change. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and spending time outdoors.

Laura Rodeiro

Climate@Uni Project Co-Lead

Laura is currently an International Relations student at the Federal University of São Paulo. Co-leading the ClimaUni project – Laura strongly believe that accessible education is one of the biggest needs when it comes to climate activism. She is mainly interested in social and political sciences and its connection to environmental issues, focusing especially on countries in the global south

James-Joseph De Costa

Climate Internships Project Lead

J-J is a third year Physics student at the University of Oxford who is incredibly passionate about the environment and its protection. His main areas of interest are clean energy generation and storage and the preservation of biodiversity. At ClimaTalk he aims to make climate policy and science careers more accessible to young people.

Irene Domínguez Pérez

Climate Careers Project Lead

Irene has a background in Industrial Engineering, with a focus in energy. She works as a Policy Advisor on Embodied Carbon at Bellona Europa, an environmental NGO focusing on industrial decarbonisation and EU climate policy. She is also an alumna of the EIT Climate-KIC Journey 2020 and is passionate about education, feminism, and tackling environmental challenges.