Reflections on the Opening of the 76th United Nations General Assembly

The UN General Assembly opening took place this September with two weeks of speeches from world leaders. The broad overview of global policy direction evidenced an escalating climate rhetoric and bold new proposals relating to coal and green finance. However, blind spots persisted as leaders failed to address how climate change intersects with gender, youth and indigeneity.

Profiling China’s First NDC and Potential Future NDC Commitments

China has made some progress towards the first NDC commitments, but has not submitted an updated NDC as of October, 2021. However, the new NDC could include a ban on new domestic coal-fired power stations and the introduction of reduction targets for non-CO2 GHG emissions. This article analyses how likely it is that China will make the new NDC pledges based upon their domestic policy and existing climate commitments.

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Mock COP Campaigners Progress & National Governments Commitments

What is MockCOP 26? Read on to find out! ClimaTalk speaks with Mock COP26 activist Kelo Uchendu about his involvement. Mock COP hopes to not only host their ministerial summit, but showcase ‘My Climate Reality’, a virtual reality project in which youth on the front lines of the climate crisis can share their stories with UN leaders during the November conference.