Student Work

Here you’ll find summaries and author reflections of environmental bachelor and master theses, as well as PhDs.

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Youth in Auckland display concern towards climate change and are inclined to reduce their carbon footprint by taking action. However, Read more
This paper analyses the framing of the leading state-level climate change mitigation policy in the USA, renewable portfolio standards, in Read more
Even with challenges to climate change projections at small scales, livestock farmers in local communities use their experience, observations, and Read more
Title of thesis/research question: Is plastic pollution a distraction from climate change?: A study of pro-environmental behavior spillover from action Read more
If climate change is a threat to human rights, then it is also a reasonably foreseeable driver of migration. This Read more
Ozone depletion in the stratosphere is associated with the accumulation of substances which delete ozone. During the spring period of Read more
A cross-country comparison of net-zero targets between seven countries. What is included within net-zero concepts. What NETs are planned to Read more
This thesis analyses the formal and informal barriers faced by the Community-based Adaptation (CBA) programme implemented by the NGO PermaAtlas Read more
Take a look at Ramesh’s thesis, which examines the importance of saline lakes as an aquatic resource for ecological preservation. Read more
Lynn Jula Kessler’s thesis investigates how citizen science approaches can mitigate the issue of marine litter pollution. Read more