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At ClimaTalk, we demystify climate policy and empower young people in the fight for climate action. As a fully volunteer-run youth organisation with no regular external or internal financial resources, it is impossible for us to cover our basic costs without your help. Every donation counts and helps us realise our project plans and cover technical and administrative costs.

Since our founding in June 2020, we have 

  • Conducted award-winning coverage of 4 international climate conferences (COP26, COP27, SB58, COP28),
  • Written 400+ articles,
  • Organised 20+ online events,
  • Launched 6 projects, 
  • Reached over 200,000 young people in 188 countries on 6 continents,

…and much, much more!

You can really make a big difference for our work by supporting us today. Help us empower young people and spark positive change around the world!