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At ClimaTalk, we amplify communication about  the Climate Crisis by demystifying climate policy and showcasing opportunities that are available to young people.

In 2021, we grew by 400%, now being composed of over 100 international young volunteers. Our reach also increased, attaining almost 7,000 monthly website views during COP26, alongside gaining thousands of new followers on social media. For 2022, we are aiming to be more ambitious than ever; we have six exciting projects currently in development and implementation, and are continuing the frequent publication of short and accessible articles on climate policy topics.

As a fully volunteer-run youth organisation with no regular external or internal financial resources, it is impossible for us to cover our basic costs without your help. Every donation counts and helps us realise our project plans and cover technical and administrative costs such as those for our website, bank account and official address.

You can really make a big difference for our work by supporting us today. Help us spark positive change around the world!