Climate Science

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Maladaptation is failed adaptation that increases vulnerability instead of reducing it. Seawalls and urban greening are examples of adaptive measures ... read more
Technological, social or cultural changes can reach tipping points, from which point they accelerate rapidly These tipping points hold the ... read more
Climate change can cause damaging feedback loops, known as tipping points Tipping points risk dramatically worsening the impacts of climate ... read more
There are multiple categories of drought; agricultural, meteorological, hydrological and socioeconomic. Climate change has exacerbated the frequency and intensity of ... read more
There are no natural disasters, only natural hazards whose probability is being altered by the climate crisis. Extreme weather events ... read more
‘Global warming’ is defined by the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) as an increase in combined air and sea ... read more
An anthrax outbreak raised the concern of ancient pathogens possibly reappearing as a result of very high temperatures and the ... read more
As one of life’s building blocks, phosphorus is an essential nutrient. The phosphorus cycle is tightly coupled with the nitrogen ... read more
Tree of life
The nitrogen cycle is the process by which nitrogen is transformed into nitrates, used by plants and animals in the ... read more
CO2 fertilisation effect refers to an increase in the photosynthesis process under heightened atmospheric CO2 levels. A stronger photosynthesis process ... read more