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On 22 April 2020, a team of young people from across the world came together to organise a global Earth Day campaign. The campaign asked each person to make 2 climate pledges for Earth Day – 1 individual, and 1 systemic. It was a huge success, reaching out to over 300 thousand people from 40 countries. Post-Earth Day, we decided that we had to keep the momentum going — thus, the Re-Earth Initiative was born! 

Our mission and work recognises that there are multiple gaps in terms of knowledge, awareness or experience. Some people may be new to the environmental movement and are just looking to make individual changes; some have been in the movement for longer and want to drive change on a systemic level. Not everyone is able to participate in protests (physical or digital), nor afford environmentally friendly products and foods. 

We wanted to address this, to break past the existing climate echo chamber and bring actions for climate justice to the masses. We therefore strive to provide a wide range of avenues for people to participate in the climate movement. Our toolkits, for instance, provide concrete examples of how youth can be changemakers: be it from home, in schools, or in the wider community. We want to show people that there is no one ‘right’ way to be an environmentalist. We also bring climate action to the masses through two other key avenues: Working with high schools to integrate environmental education into their curriculum, as well as organising global campaigns. Some of our past campaigns include Water, Plastic, Racial Justice and Voting.

None of this work could have been achieved without our amazing team! Over the past few months, we’ve built a global network comprising over 300 youths passionate about the environment. They help us with our campaigns, outreach, social media, and more.

Most importantly, our organisation is global, inclusive and intersectional — just as the climate movement should be. We believe climate justice means uplifting the voices of those who have been historically marginalised, particularly BIPOC and other frontline communities. That is why we constantly try to spotlight different environmental organisations and initiatives.

In 2021, Re-Earth Initiative will continue working towards a climate movement defined by inclusivity, accessibility, and unity. Here’s to a fruitful year of climate action!




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Re-Earth Initiative is a youth-led international NGO on a mission to make the climate movement accessible to all. We want to break the echo chamber and bring climate action to the masses. We believe climate justice means uplifting the voices of those who have been historically marginalized, as well as frontline communities. We believe in an environmental movement that is accessible to all people and fosters cooperation.

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