What Are The Disadvantages Of Electric Vehicles? A Focus On Human Exploitation

The mining of transition materials, crucial to the production of EVs, echoes many concerns of traditional mining. Human rights abuses, disrespect for indigenous people and traditions as well as threatening the livelihoods of the local population are often overlooked in the name of the sustainability transition. Responsible sourcing, increased levels of recycling and honest marketing offer a solution for minimizing the human and environmental cost.

Fit For 55: ITRE Committee Meetings 20-21/04/2022

On April 20, 2022, the following was covered: Mending EU gas policy was discussed and fast-tracked for negotiations; Purchasing a majority of the supply for winter of 2022 and 2023 is a priority; Shifting to renewables instead of gas is another strategy, but regional and non-voluntary cooperation are crucial to increase renewables to 45% of energy needs by 2030.

Deforestation: An Introduction

Deforestation has direct and indirect negative consequences that worsen the climate crisis. Despite past efforts, tropical forests, which play a critical role in counteracting climate change, continue to experience an alarming rate of loss. Agriculture is the biggest cause of deforestation across the globe, and in critical tropical regions. However, it is urbanisation that has largely driven deforestation in Europe.

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The Hydrogen Rainbow

The colour code tells you which energy type was used to produce the hydrogen in gas form. Currently 95% of hydrogen is based on fossil fuels (grey hydrogen) still leading to high CO2 emissions. To make hydrogen a sustainable source of energy it must be produced by renewable energy (green hydrogen). However, huge investment in green hydrogen production is necessary to scale-up green hydrogen in the amount needed for the Green Transition.

What Is Mandatory TCFD Climate Disclosure?

TCFD stands for Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. The TCFD’s overall aim is to encourage a greener and thus more stable international financial system. The TCFD disclosures allow investors and financial institutions to make more informed and clearer price risk related decisions. Making climate disclosures mandatory in alignment with TCFD’s framework encourages a greater international effort to move towards a greener economy.

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