What Are The Disadvantages Of Electric Vehicles? A Focus On Human Exploitation

The mining of transition materials, crucial to the production of EVs, echoes many concerns of traditional mining. Human rights abuses, disrespect for indigenous people and traditions as well as threatening the livelihoods of the local population are often overlooked in the name of the sustainability transition. Responsible sourcing, increased levels of recycling and honest marketing offer a solution for minimizing the human and environmental cost.

ReFuelEU Aviation

The ReFuel EU Aviation proposal offers targets for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and synthetic aviation fuels from 2025 to 2050 The policy proposal safeguards competitiveness in the air transport industry while ensuring that CO2 emissions linked to fuel in the aviation sector may be reduced by circa 60-61% by 2050 compared to the baseline year The emergence of SAF on the market would lead to a dramatic decline in the reliance of aviation on fossil jet fuel, leading to a 65% reduction of the latter by 2050