Climate Change And Extreme Weather Events: Introduction

There are no natural disasters, only natural hazards whose probability is being altered by the climate crisis. Extreme weather events together with the vulnerability and exposure of a population determine the impact of a disaster. Attribution studies provide a statement about how human greenhouse gas emissions have altered the intensity and frequency of an extreme event.

Thawing Permafrosts & Epidemics: The Case of Russia’s Anthrax Epidemic

An anthrax outbreak raised the concern of ancient pathogens possibly reappearing as a result of very high temperatures and the thawing of the permafrost. Although global warming can definitely lead to the permafrost slowly unfreezing, this happens over very long periods of time and is linked to climate shifts rather than specific weather events, such as the high temperatures in 2016, which mostly affected the active layer on top of the permafrost, not the actual permafrost. There are multiple factors converging for the outbreak of anthrax, such as disrupted vaccination, overpopulation of reindeer, and the distribution of spores; not just the (supposed) thawing of the permafrost.

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What Is The Nitrogen Cycle?

The nitrogen cycle is the process by which nitrogen is transformed into nitrates, used by plants and animals in the creation of amino acids and eventually returned to the air. Through the burning of fossil fuels and the use of nitrogen-based fertilisers, humans have greatly increased the amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere. This excess of nitrogen is highly damaging to the environment, causing ocean dead zones and air pollution, among other things.

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