PRE COP27 ANALYSIS: Why the ‘African COP’ could mean better solutions for the Global South 

COP27 will see increased conversations around sustainable finance and how to apply green building technology to under-studied cities in the Global South. With a focus on solutions for African and Asian cities, the 2022 conference will close with an opportunity to redirect adaptation and mitigation strategies away from large cities in the Global North, particularly if leaders can put into action a plan to deliver the promised US$100 billion to developing countries.

PRE COP27 ANALYSIS: Taking steps towards a resilient agri-food system for people and climate

Food industry and intensive agriculture emissions and other detrimental impacts must be urgently addressed impact on the environment.The landmark agreement to discuss these topics at COP is called the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture The conversation will hopefully precipitate a plan with mutual agreement at COP27.

PRE COP27 ANALYSIS: Gender-Responsive Climate Policy on the COP27 Agenda

There is strong evidence to suggest that women are disproportionately affected by the climate crisis. Nonetheless, women are still underrepresented in decision-making processes, and this has had a direct impact on their resilience to climate change. The UNFCCC, and multiple state and non-state actors, have raised attention to this issue for years. It is yet to be determined whether COP27 will be able to foster the sustainable implementation of effective, gender-responsible climate policies. What do you think?