UK’s Third National Adaptation Programme: Missed Opportunity

The NAP3 acts as ‘The Programme’ for climate resilience and adaptation by accumulating the approaches designed by the Government into one program. There is a notable absence of new laws or financing acquired to safeguard existing homes against climate risk Baroness Brown stated that despite the NAP3 looking progressive in comparison to prior Government Actions, it is disappointing they have not used the opportunity to take further action

The Global Indigenous Youth Summit On Climate Change (GIYSCC) – Advocating For Indigenous Youth Rights and Recognition

Both national and international climate change policies such as COP fail to acknowledge the importance of Indigenous Knowledge in the context of the climate crisis. The Global Indigenous Youth Summit On Climate Change (GIYSCC) held on the 9th of August brought Indigenous youths from all over the world to co-create dialogues that fostered the exchange of climate crisis mitigation and adaptation ideas.