European Green Deal: ENVI Committee Meetings, 24/05/2023

by Lorenza Contin The Committee on Environment, Public Health, and Food Safety (ENVI)’s meetings of May 24, 2023, concerned several pieces of legislation key to achieving goals of the European Green Deal. Some critical discussions covered the sustainable use of plant protection products (‘Farm to Fork’ strategy) and the reduction of industrial emissions (EU Industrial...

The Problem that Pesters: Reducing Pesticide Use in the European Union

IPM is a solution to significantly reduce the use of pesticides in the EU, which have shown to be damaging to biodiversity, the environment, as well as human health. Adopting IPM would prioritize strengthening Europe’s biodiversity and support tackling some key issues that face the agricultural sector and food supply concerns due to climate change. There is resistance to adopting this strategy as it would disrupt the current pesticide industry, and farmers are reluctant to change because it may affect their yield and income.