What Is Aquaculture?

Aquaculture describes the controlled farming of aquatic organisms, and has become an important part of food production in the modern world. Modern aquaculture began as a result of declining wild fish stocks from overfishing and growing populations. The two main forms of aquaculture are freshwater and marine aquaculture; within these two forms, there are a number of different methods used for a wide variety of aquatic species.

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The FuelEU Maritime Initiative

In July 2021, the European Commission presented the FuelEU maritime initiative within its Fit for 55 package measures aiming to address maritime transport emissions by addressing market barriers that hamper their use and uncertainty about which technical options are market-ready. Maritime transport is critical to the European Union’s (EU) economy but the EU estimates that maritime carbon emissions account for almost 4% of total EU emissions (and for 11% of EU transport emissions)Maritime stakeholders expressed concerns that the regulation puts responsibility on shipping companies (not on the fuel producers); that the efficiency standard is not defined at the fleet level; and that they did not want any obligation on the choice of fuel and technology.

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