Africa Climate Summit: Nairobi, September 2023

As I reflect on this experience, I'm encouraged to see Africa growing its participation in climate discussions. During my one-week experience at the Africa Climate Summit and Africa Climate Week, I had the privilege of networking and  also attending incredible side events focused on climate adaptation, climate finance, and carbon markets to be specific. For example, I attended an event hosted by the African Union Commission on leveraging the potential of voluntary carbon credits for sustainable financing and the vast potential that the continent can leverage to enhance its resilience. I further did interviews with various correspondents giving my insights and shedding light on critical discussions.

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UK’s Third National Adaptation Programme: Missed Opportunity

The NAP3 acts as ‘The Programme’ for climate resilience and adaptation by accumulating the approaches designed by the Government into one program. There is a notable absence of new laws or financing acquired to safeguard existing homes against climate risk Baroness Brown stated that despite the NAP3 looking progressive in comparison to prior Government Actions, it is disappointing they have not used the opportunity to take further action

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