Cracking the Shell: Royal Dutch Shell Mandated to Cut Emissions

In April 4th, 2018, Dutch NGO Milieudefensie started a lawsuit against Shell. On February 12th, 2019, six other Dutch NGO’s joined Milieudefensie as plaintiffs (those who bring a case to court) [1]. On the other side of the court, there was Shell. Shell is listed as 7th in the top 20 companies that contributed to global warming with historical emissions (1965 - 2017), almost four times higher than the Netherlands; of these emissions, 90% originate from their products, and 10% from the extraction and transport of the fossil fuels. The court ruled that Shell is obliged to reduce the CO2 emissions of the Shell group’s activities by net 45% at end 2030, relative to 2019,

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