GUEST FEATURE: My experience as a young negotiator for Nigeria

by Chinwe Oluwatoyin Adindu This is a guest feature by Chinwe Oluwatoyin Adindu, a young negotiator from the Climate Youth Negotiators Programme under the Youth Negotiators Academy. Chinwe (left) with colleagues at the SB58 Plenary session in Bonn, 2023 Introduction How do you explain trying to catch up defending environmental injustice in a world where...

Food@COP: A youth-led food and climate campaign nearly 4 years young

As we wrote for ClimaTalk back in 2021, Food@COP is a collection of youth from across the globe who believe that climate-friendly negotiations must take place over climate-friendly meals. We call upon the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP) host country organizers to serve affordable, nutritious, predominantly plant-based, and culturally inclusive foods that reflect the urgency of the climate crisis. Here’s an update on the group’s activities in 2023 and details of a few grassroots projects led by active campaigners.

EU Youth Are Calling For A Post-Growth Society

Our new Guest Feature discusses growing support from youth for moving beyond a growth-based economy. Zooming in on the recently published youth-led “Manifesto for an Intergenerationally Just Post-growth Economy”, the article explores youth’s policy proposals for a new socio-economic paradigm. It argues that post-growth, which is already receiving growing attention from policymakers, must now take a permanent place on the EU policy agenda.

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Precision Fermentation And The Role It Could Play in Reducing Carbon Emissions

Precision fermentation combines molecular biology with the brewing industry to produce essential ingredients such as proteins, fats and medicines. It offers the chance to make ingredients with substantially less environmental footprint, even upcycling waste materials. Scaling precision fermentation processes is notoriously difficult and hampered by high infrastructure costs.

The Climate Change Crisis

Climate change refers to changes in temperatures and weather patterns of the earth.The burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas generate harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere, these gasses then increase core temperatures on earth which can cause global warming.Global warming is dangerous for life on earth and is causing ice caps to melt, sea levels to rise and extinction of wildlife.

How are NFTs affecting climate change?

The current method of artists creating NFTs is unsustainable and can be changed. ? Minting NFTs through Ethereum is costing the environment energy and other sources; overall is destroying the planet. ? There are several solutions to saving the climate due to the use of Ethereum, including switching to using a different cryptocurrency, lazy-minting, side-chains and designing bridges.