The Defenders Of Atlanta

In 2021, the Atlanta Council approved plans for a new police and firefighter training in a forested area in Atlanta dominated by people of colour with low incomes.These plans have sparked numerous protests from neighbourhoods and environmental activists due to the negative impacts the facility would have.Authorities have responded excessively, culminating in the death of an environmental activist, activists being branded as domestic terrorists and the Georgia governor declaring a state of emergency.

Duarte Agostinho and Others v. Portugal and 32 Other States

by Anna Bortolussi Country Portugal, European Union Defendant(s) States Law Applied International Human Rights Law; International Environmental Law; European Convention on Human Rights; United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC); Paris Agreement. Key words States; Human Rights; Mitigation; Climate Justice. Case Information: Court(s): European Court of Human Rights Dissenting Judgement? No Filing Date: 2020 Last Update: 2022 Status: Pending ISSUES...

BBBA: Current Status

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said in an interview for Fox News on 19th of December that he could no longer support the BBBA, taking the White House by surprise. Manchin revived hopes in March by proposing a new approach which would have sufficient funding for climate provisions from the BBBA The clock is ticking for the Democrats with the Midterm elections in November, which could potentially result in Republican control over the US Congress.