What you can do to combat the climate crisis

The climate crisis and rising global temperatures is one of the biggest and most alarming problems the entire world faces. It affects everyone, it affects you and it is an issue that only continues to grow. The sea level is rising and polar ice caps are melting, leading animals such as polar bears to extinction. The number of severe droughts is increasing and agricultural yields are on a decline. Here is what you can do to help:

Tackling Plastic Pollution at its Biggest Contributors

5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are in our oceans, which breaks down to 46,000 pieces every square mile. Each year, hundreds of thousands of aquatic animals become tangled in plastic waste in the ocean. Although it is fantastic if you choose to go plastic-free, encouraging large businesses to do the same can have an even larger impact.

How has Energy Production Contributed to the Climate Crisis?

Electrical energy stems from fossil fuels which produce deadly gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, damaging the ozone layer and therefore changing the climate at an unforeseen pace. Governments are using different methods to tackle this but more needs to be as wildfires, drought and more natural disasters are happening now. Could be catastrophic for future generations with temperatures rising above 2oC unless we change as well e.g. switching to renewable energy to help save habitats as well.

Skyrocketing Temperatures: What Does the UK’s Latest Heatwave Tell us About the Climate Crisis?

Heatwaves and wildfires have ravaged the UK and Europe with temperatures exceeding 40°C in some places. The UK is not equipped for such a severe increase in temperatures, putting lives and infrastructure at risk. No country can avoid the global consequences of the climate crisis. We are all affected and must all make efforts to combat it.