Youth 7 Summit 2021

by Amy Wilson

The Youth 7 (Y7) 2021 Summit took place one month before the G7 Leaders Summit (11-13 June 2021) in May 2021. The theme for the Y7 Summit was ‘Making Waves for Future Generations’ and had four main subject areas: climate resilience, digital literacy, sustainable economy and mental health [1,2]. 

In relation to climate change and the environment the Y7 Communiqué 2021 states that by 2030 governments must [2]:

  • Further develop the system of carbon pricing in an inclusive way
  • Encourage the movement of public and private financial investments away from fossil fuels
  • Increase funding for research and technology development to ensure renewables make up greater than 75% of electricity mix by 2030
  • Strengthen global early warning systems through climate stress-testing and knowledge-sharing on adaptation measures
  • To mandate climate change and environmental education in schools and corporations
  • Prohibit environmentally harmful practices and promote circular land-use management
  • Mandate eco-labelling systems, develop solutions for waste streams and align circular economy principles
  • Implement a legally binding agreement for the conservation of marine biodiversity and sustainable management of all activities in the High Seas.

Climate change was one of the areas where young leaders and G7 representatives were considered to have the greatest amount of consensus going into the G7 2021 negotiations [3]. Firstly, the G7 committed to ending government support for unabated coal-fired power generation by 2021 and to end inefficient fossil fuel subsidies by 2025 [4]. The G7 also agreed to the 2030 Nature Compact which aligns with Y7 recommendations for conservation of marine biodiversity, consideration of environmental practices and the legal use of natural resources [4]. For more information on the 2021 G7’s outcomes see ClimaTalk’s The G7 Calls for a Coal Phase-Out, but No Expiration Date Article. 


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