Carbon Footprint Of Buildings: Solutions

Improving the operational carbon footprint of buildings by, for example, insulation and electrifying the grid, is one solution. A second solution is to reduce the embodied carbon of constructing a building. Finally, policies and incentives such as creating a lead market need to be put in place to support low-carbon products which contribute to creating lower-carbon buildings.

How To De-Centre Convenience In Consuming Goods & Services

Although consumers do pay attention to the environmental factor in their consumption choices, the most important factor for them is their personal convenience. Because of convenient return policies, consumers tend to send back their purchases more and more often, and big companies like Amazon regularly have to dispose of these items as they cannot simply be resold. Individuals should keep in mind the impact that their demand for convenience can have on the development of environmentally harmful (e-)commerce and make small and practical changes in their everyday habits.