What we do

We write short and accessible articles in series of topics about key climate policy ideas. These are perfect for the bus ride home or between lectures, and for people without policy experience.

In addition, we want to promote your work. If you’ve done some work worth showing off, we want to tell everyone about it. We are showcasing students’ university work (e.g. bachelor or master theses), and youth climate projects and initiatives.

Our newest section focuses on presenting university courses (both undergraduate and postgraduate level) with an environmental focus, reviewed by students who are currently studying or have recently graduated from those courses.

We need you!

If you want to contribute to our article collection, want to present a project you’re working on, a theses you’ve written or a university course you’re studying, please get in touch here.

Your article suggestion, project, university work or university course can be anything related to climate policy and the climate crisis more widely, be it policy, economics, law, science, history, technology, or a specific topic focus.

What we believe

Everyone’s talking about the climate, and want to make sure discussions get stronger. Crucial to this is information flow – our ability to access, understand, and engage with news in the climate sphere.

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Students right now are at a crucial point in the move to a sustainable future. More of us than ever are in environmental societies, are doing courses related to the environment, or even want to pursue an environmental career.

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But for many of us, it can be difficult to find the time to learn the important aspects of climate policy, science, and history required to understand all the news now.

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On top of this, the response to climate change is multidisciplinary and ever changing. Issues merge, affect one another, and multiply outside the scope of any one field.

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ClimaTalk wants to guide students of all experiences through this, whether it’s learning the basics of climate policy, or making changes in this field yourself.

Who we are

We are a diverse, international team of young volunteers with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. We are united by a belief in climate solutions, through policy reform and individual and collective action. At ClimaTalk we demystify climate policy and showcase young people’s work and projects, so everyone can understand and follow these complex issues and we can spark positive change around the world. We always welcome new volunteers, so if you’d like to join our team just get in touch!

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