Emma Heiling
President & Co-founder

Emma is a recent Cambridge University graduate in Land Economy (combines law, economics and environment). During her time at Cambridge, she had leading roles in various environmental projects and societies in areas concerning, for example, food sustainability, sustainable investment and environmental consulting. After her gap year, she is planning on pursuing a Master’s in Environmental Policy.

Gianna Compagno

Gianna is a second-year student studying Human, Social, and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. She currently holds a role in the Trinity Ethical and Green Affairs society and has worked with the Trinity servery in trying to move towards more sustainable food choices. Her objective after she completes her university degree is to pursue manufacturing reform, sustainability, and environmental support in the corporate world, specifically in the fashion industry.

Toby Antippas

Toby is a third-year Natural Sciences undergraduate at the University of Cambridge. He has been involved with student-driven sustainability projects in research and community initiatives. He is particularly interested in the energy transition and has previously worked with the European Horizons policy incubator to publish work on climate resilience planning in urban landscapes.

Puria Radmard
Co-founder & Advisor

Puria is a third-year engineering undergrad at Cambridge University. He’s had environmental roles in student unions and initiatives, and has been recognised by the Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Award for these. His focus is on how the rise of deep learning and technology in general can be applied to environmentalism, for example in his role in the Cambridge Carbon Map.