Emma Johanna Kiehm, et al. v State of Brandenburg

by Anna Bortolussi Ten youths brought a complaint against the State of Brandenburg, Germany, claiming that the state’s failure to set adequate climate protection goals and emission reduction paths was in violation of domestic environmental law and constitutional law. They alleged that failure to mitigate would have effects on the plaintiffs’ human rights and health,...

Aji P. v. State of Washington

by Leon Qiu In Aji P. v. State of Washington, the youth petitioners argued in a judicial review claim that the fundamental human right to a healthful and pleasant environment was not upheld by Washington’s use of fossil-fuel-based energy and transportation systems. Greenhouse gases emitted from these systems thereby failed to mitigate against climate change....

Reynolds v. State of Florida

by Leon Qiu Eight young people brought a complaint against the State of Florida claiming violations to their human rights of life, liberty, and property. They alleged that in creating and operating a fossil fuel-based energy system their right to pursue happiness was adversely affected. The complaint was dismissed on the grounds that it raised...

Exploring the impact of arts engagement on climate anxiety and to mobilise climate action in young people

This project included an arts workshop, interviews with arts organisations and young people and a focus group with an Arts focused youth working group Engaging in Climate related arts has a positive impact on young people’s self-efficacy, climate hope and mobilisation for climate action through providing a medium of expression, processing, and engagement. This research highlights the need for further research around the topics of arts engagement in supporting and mobilising people in the climate crisis, as well as research on ways to support young people with Climate anxiety

Our Children’s Trust: Protecting Youth’s Right To A Safe Climate

Our Children’s Trust is a US non-profit law firm that helps youth to fight for their right to a safe climate.They often use the Public Trust Doctrine which states that governments need to manage natural resources in the public’s best interest. They achieved two major victories in Florida and Massassachussetts.