What Is The Global Covenant Of Mayors & What Has It Achieved?

The Global Covenant of Mayors is the largest alliance for city climate action leadership representing over 1 billion citizens.The GCoM cities and local governments could reduce global emissions by 1.9 GtCO2e annually in 2030, compared to a business-as-usual trajectory, and by 76.5 GtCO2e in 2050.Greater financial investment in city climate actions is needed especially for adaptation activities; implementation of all actions could generate 11 million new jobs worldwide.

Gender Inequality And Adaptation

Only 18 % of appointed ministers worldwide are women. The vulnerability of women to the climate crisis is not only environmental but it is also rooted in its intersection with socio-economic and cultural factors, as well as lack of gendered policy. The inclusion of women in decision making and climate related policies is vital to combating women’s vulnerability to the climate crisis.