EU Policy – Current Affairs

As part of the legislative process, proposed policies are discussed in both the European Parliament (EP) and the Council of the European Union. In the EP, this happens in committees which specialise in certain topics such as transport, energy and the environment. In the Council, this happens in configurations where certain ministers of all member states meet such as environmental ministers or ministers of energy.

In this section, you will find summaries of such meetings, the topics they discussed, the points of contention and the different positions of different political groups and member states.

Emissions Reduction Targets:The emissions reduction target would increase by 18%, to require 61% emissions reductions by 2030 compared to 2005 Read more
by Julia Wild Not mentioned.Definition for mobility poverty was added, referring to households that face high transport costs and/or limited Read more
by Reinout Debergh Only flights within the European Economic Area (EEA) and those to the UK and Switzerland are coveredScope Read more
By Maria Constantinescu For the average emissions of the new passenger car fleet the new EU fleet-wide target is equal Read more
On April 20, 2022, the following was covered: Mending EU gas policy was discussed and fast-tracked for negotiations; Purchasing a Read more
Certain commodities (maize and rubberware) are increasing deforestation and need urgent regulation. Indigenous people highly rely on forest ecosystems and Read more
The Social Climate Fund was set up to cushion the impacts of the extended ETS and direct investment into energy. Read more
On the 14th and 16th of March various important meetings took place for tackling key topics such as the Alternative Read more
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The current Russian aggression in Ukraine is significantly affecting EU Energy policies. Hydrogen holds potential for delinking EU gas demands Read more
Energy efficiency means being independent from Russia’s oil and gas, focusing on renewable energy sources and innovation at EU level. Read more