In 1994 Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change decided to meet annually to discuss matters related to climate change. This annual meeting became known through the Convention as the Conference of the Parties (COP). COP 26, was held in Glasgow, UK, from 31st October to 12th November 2021.

In this section you will find articles related to the history of COP, the development of international treaties, Parties’ ambitious commitments in relation to climate change, and focus pieces on what to expect in the upcoming COP.

The Paris Agreement under Article 14 outlines an evaluation process known as the Global Stocktake (GST). This assesses in a comprehensive and facilitative manner the collective advance, gaps and challenges in mitigation, adaptation and the means of implementation and support, taking into account current science and the aspect of equity. Read more
An interview with James Ellsmoor, an expert on sustainable development in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). He provides an introduction to the unique challenges that SIDS face under the climate crisis. He also discusses the important role that SIDS could play in driving climate action at COP26. Read more
An overview of major international policies enacted to support the sustainable development of SIDS. Read more
This article explains the principle of cap-and-trade schemes where rich countries contribute monetarily to mitigate climate or ecosystem damage in poorer countries. Read more
This article uses statistical analysis to evaluate semantic choices in the Paris Agreement and in the Kyoto Protocol. Read more
The article sets out the definition of transparency and the potential benefit, both on institutional and individual levels, of greater understanding of climate actions. Read more
The ‘Mock’ COP26, which took place online at the end of 2020, was a student-run alternative to the postponed UN climate summit, COP26. Read more
Elizaveta Nidzelskaya sets out the role of a host country at COP, the UK’s agenda for the summit and how it is being delivered, and the extent to which the UK’s own climate policy supports or undermines its position as COP26 President. Read more
This article briefly the UNFCCC Secretariat, which works to support countries in meeting global climate change targets. Its history and structure are briefly discussed, followed by its mandate and general duties. Read more

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