Voiz: Gen-Zs Demanding a Shift into Corporate Sustainability

Voiz is a sustainability venture founded in 2020 by Yvonne Espinosa, Diego Espinosa, and Victoria Trujillo Onodera, which pushes for young people to be heard by businesses and for more progressive corporate sustainability. Voiz was built on the knowledge that if we want a sustainable planet, young people cannot be asked to wait their turn, they need to take a seat at the table today.

Climate Leader for Future: How Taiwanese Youth Advocates for Climate Change in a Curricular-Oriented Way

The Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition was inspired by Greta Thunberg’s school strike for climate, but takes a different approach to climate advocacy The coalition focusses on bringing climate education into Taiwanese classrooms, rather than promoting strikes outside of school In this article, Yan-Ning Kuo, a member of the coalition, discusses their aims and some of the challenges they face


Food@COP is a youth collective aiming to ensure that the catering at COP events is environmentally friendly and supports the UNFCCC’s own aims. Since its fruition, Food@COP has grown into a coalition of over 200 organisations, individuals, institutions, and networks.Food@COP aims to organise more virtual dialogues with more voices from within our food systems; from farmers, Indigenous peoples, and frontline communities impacted by animal agriculture to businesses and research institutions in the field.

The Center of Climate Innovation and Sustainability: Fostering Climate Action in Peru

This Peruvian Climate Project was founded by environmental engineers in 2018. CICS offers the local communities innovative solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation, while respecting traditions and the cultural heritage of the communities. They have also recently launched Habla Clima, a platform for dialogue about climate change and sustainability.