What Is Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)?

The Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programme provides local governments the powers to buy and manage energy on behalf of citizens and businesses. CCA enables local governments to create an electrical buying organisation to purchase power from more sustainable energy sources, like wind or solar. CCAs can also aid in reducing dependency on fossil fuels, which are a significant cause of climate change.

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Remote Working: Better for the Environment? – Part 3

Working from home can reduce an individual’s overall greenhouse gas emissions and may carry other advantages such as improved work-life balance; However, in some cases, remote working can lead to feelings of isolation and the development of physical and mental health issues and so employees must be supported to create healthy workspace set-ups and stay connected with colleagues; Hybrid working policies may offer the advantages of increased flexibility, whilst alleviating feelings of isolation that may arise from working at home full-time, and can still result in a reduction in emissions.

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Remote Working: Better for the Environment? – Part 2

This is the second in a three-part series on whether remote working is better for the environment than office-based working. The first article in the series discussed how remote working could reduce emissions from the daily commute. In this article, we weigh up this reduction in transport-related emissions, and any possible reduction in office-related emissions, with the increase in domestic-related emissions from heating and electricity that occurs as a result of working from home. The studies indicate that, on average, reduced emissions from commuting will outweigh increased domestic-related emissions, making remote working an environmentally friendly step to take [1,2]. However, in certain limited scenarios, travelling to work via less carbon-intensive modes of transport may result in lower emissions overall than working from home.

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