Biden’s Climate Team

- Joe Biden made it clear throughout his campaign and after entering office that tackling the global climate crisis was a key focus for his government. - As president, he outlined a new approach to the climate crisis in an Executive Order released on January 27th.  This established multiple new climate-related roles in the Executive Office of the President and integrated officials from other departments into the drive to curb environmental degradation. - In this article, Marion Willingam discusses what this means for the US’ renewed commitments to tackling the climate crisis.

The 30 by 30 target: critical to fighting the climate crisis and biodiversity loss

This article examines the 30 by 30 target which forms part of President Biden’s plan to fight climate change and biodiversity loss. Challenges to this plan include representivity, climate and racial justice, private land ownership, politics and costs. Key aspects will be cooperation with key stakeholders, transparency, continuous government support beyond single presidential terms and funding.

The Paris Agreement: A Focus on Capacity Building

By Amy Wilson Capacity-building is the process by which an individual or organisation can obtain, improve or maintain specific skills, knowledge and/or resources needed to fulfill a goal or responsibility. Capacity-building has been identified as a vital process in the fight against the climate crisis because not all countries have equal capacity to adapt to...