Skyrocketing Temperatures: What Does the UK’s Latest Heatwave Tell us About the Climate Crisis?

Heatwaves and wildfires have ravaged the UK and Europe with temperatures exceeding 40°C in some places. The UK is not equipped for such a severe increase in temperatures, putting lives and infrastructure at risk. No country can avoid the global consequences of the climate crisis. We are all affected and must all make efforts to combat it.

The Climate Change Crisis

Climate change refers to changes in temperatures and weather patterns of the earth.The burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas generate harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere, these gasses then increase core temperatures on earth which can cause global warming.Global warming is dangerous for life on earth and is causing ice caps to melt, sea levels to rise and extinction of wildlife.

How are NFTs affecting climate change?

The current method of artists creating NFTs is unsustainable and can be changed. ? Minting NFTs through Ethereum is costing the environment energy and other sources; overall is destroying the planet. ? There are several solutions to saving the climate due to the use of Ethereum, including switching to using a different cryptocurrency, lazy-minting, side-chains and designing bridges.

What you can do to combat the climate crisis

The climate crisis and rising global temperatures is one of the biggest and most alarming problems the entire world faces. It affects everyone, it affects you and it is an issue that only continues to grow. The sea level is rising and polar ice caps are melting, leading animals such as polar bears to extinction. The number of severe droughts is increasing and agricultural yields are on a decline. Here is what you can do to help: