Assessing livestock farmers’ ecological knowledge and adaptation to climate and environmental change in arid regions of South Africa

Even with challenges to climate change projections at small scales, livestock farmers in local communities use their experience, observations, and local knowledge to predict changes in the local climate. With limited connection to the outside world, remote communities heavily rely on their local knowledge to adapt to climatic and environmental changes; a knowledge that has been working for them for many years

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Methane Regulation

The proposal for a Methane Regulation seeks to address and mitigate emissions of the greenhouse gas known as methane across the EU’s energy sector, tying into the EU’s broader climate objectives. It would be the first EU legislative proposal of its kind, imposing a range of obligations on the oil, gas, and coal sectors in the EU. It sets obligations on energy companies to monitor, report and reduce methane emissions but does not set reduction targets.

Climate Change: Another Victim Of The Politicization Of The Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court has limited EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases, but leaves open options for the EPA to fight climate change. The ruling came as part of a series of rulings led by the new conservative supermajority. The basis of the ruling was the “major questions doctrine” which leaves other regulations potentially vulnerable.