Internship Update

Name of Internship: Sustainability and Administration Internship

Company/Organisation of Internship: Gradfuel

Location: London, UK

Paid/Unpaid: Paid (Kickstarter Scheme)

Start Date: Unspecified

Duration: 6 months

Name of Internship: Climate Analytics Analyst

Company/Organisation of Internship: WTW (Willis Towers Watson)

Location: London, UK

Paid/Unpaid: paid

Start Date: N/A

Name of Internship: Intern

Company/Organisation of Internship: E Co

Location: London, UK

Paid/Unpaid: Paid

Start Date:  —-

Duration: Up to 3 months

Name of Internship: U.S. Climate Policy and Advocacy Intern

Company/Organisation of Internship: Mercy Corps

Location: Washington DC or Remote

Paid/Unpaid: paid – $2600/month

Start Date: June

Duration: 3-4 months (Until September 2022)

Deadline: Until 200 applications received

Name of Internship: Global Virtual Internship

Company/Organisation of Internship: Clifford Chance

Location: Virtual

Paid/Unpaid: Free course

Start Date: N/A 

Duration: 5-6 hours

Name of Internship: EDF Climate Corp fellow – Sustainability Intern

Company/Organisation of Internship: JLL

Location: Chicago, IL

Paid/Unpaid: paid – $20/h

Start Date: Unspecified

Duration: 8-10 weeks

Name of Internship: Natural Resource Intern

Company/Organisation of Internship: Conservation Legacy

Location: Colorado, USA

Paid/Unpaid: paid

Start Date: 6th May preferred, ‘late May’ at latest) 

Duration: 11 weeks

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