Post COP26 Analysis: A Focus on Youth

COP26 failed to ensure substantial participation and representation of young people in decision-making spacesThe Glasgow Climate Pact does include many references to meaningful youth engagement in international climate negotiations, reflecting the Youth4Climate Manifesto and the COY16 Statement.The Youth4Climate event will occur every year before COP, called “Forever Youth4Climate”.

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Sneak peak of the EU Parliament on Making Transport Fit For 55

Concerning aviation and the maritime sector, MEPs recognize the need to shift to alternative “green” fuels. However, some fear that this will diminish the EU’s competitiveness. The same issue arises for the ETS revision where some argue the additional costs for achieving the climate goals are highly problematic. Some MEPs say that here the social climate fund comes into play, which should help low-income families and SMEs with the transition. The French presidency agrees with the importance of a socially fair transition and is in line with opinions on the energy efficiency directive that transport poverty must be avoided e.g., by focusing on public transport.