The Social Climate Fund: What Is It?

As the climate emergency becomes increasingly acute, the European Union aims to become the first carbon-neutral economy by 2050. The ecological transition, however, is not cost-free and comes with several challenges that need to be addressed in order to ensure the social and economic welfare of the Union’s citizens.This article will look at the Social Climate Fund, an initiative proposed by the EU Commission whose main goal is to alleviate the potential costs that the implementation of the new ETS could bring to low-income and vulnerable households [1].

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MSc in Sustainable Resource Management – Technical University of Munich

With continuous increasing human activity, pressure on the Earth's natural resources is rising, the aim of Master’s Program in Sustainable Resource Management is to equip students with necessary natural resource management skills. This includes taking an interdisciplinary approach, accounting for socio-economic and ecological dimensions.

What Are The Parties To The UNFCCC And Climate Conferences?

This article defines the term ‘Party’ that is stated in the UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement There are three types of Parties to the UNFCCC, the Paris Agreement and the Kyoto Protocol; Annex I, Annex II and Non-Annex Parties The Parties meet annually to discuss progress on climate change and further action needed at events known as Conferences of the Parties

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Climate Responsibility: Principles and Frameworks

One of the biggest challenges in setting out frameworks to address climate change is determining how to attribute responsibility and how to share the burden of emission reduction measures. Despite the fact that not all states are equally responsible for the climate crisis and do not have the same ability to respond to it, under the Paris Agreement they must all do what they can to keep global warming below 1.5°C.

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Voiz: Gen-Zs Demanding a Shift into Corporate Sustainability

Voiz is a sustainability venture founded in 2020 by Yvonne Espinosa, Diego Espinosa, and Victoria Trujillo Onodera, which pushes for young people to be heard by businesses and for more progressive corporate sustainability. Voiz was built on the knowledge that if we want a sustainable planet, young people cannot be asked to wait their turn, they need to take a seat at the table today.

The Emissions and Adaptation Reports: An Evaluation

The Paris 2050 Targets are a set of initiatives to limit global warming to below 2 degree Celsius, with ambitious efforts to limit this to 1.5degree Celsius. Of 184 countries that pledged carbon reduction under the Paris Agreement, 75% of countries’ pledges were insufficient to meet the 2? target of . The fifth annual UNEP Report focuses on nations’ advanced strategies to adapt to climate change by researching Nature-Based Solutions, which aim to ensure a balance between society and sustaining biodiversity.

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