Planned Obsolescence: What Is It?

Planned obsolescence encourages new product purchases and an economy centered around discard vs. repair. Planned obsolescence is responsible for the generation of e-waste, adversely burdening people and the planet. Recovering materials from e-waste and designing products with repairability in mind are readily available alternatives to planned obsolescence.

Rising Global Food Demand: An Introduction

Global food demand has been increasing over the course of the past century, leading to increased food production and, as a consequence, an increase in the environmental impact of intensified agriculture. Current trends show that demand will continue to increase, and production would need to double to meet the demand projected for 2050, which has important implications for the environment. A key question to ask is what exactly is driving this growing demand. In this article, I will discuss the observed drivers of increasing global food demand and how these tie into global food security.

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