MSc Sustainability Science, Policy and Society – Maastricht University (2)

Read about Weronika’s experience on the MSc in Sustainability Science, Policy and Society. This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability science and offers a range of theoretical and skills-focused courses. The course is based at Maastricht University, where students have access to a range of sports societies and student groups.

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Climate Law: An Analysis of the Australian Court Decision

This article examines the landmark judgment by the Australian Federal Court in Sharma v Minister for the Environment, which found that the federal minister for the environment owes all Australian children a duty of care to protect them from the devastating future impacts of the climate crisis on their health and financial wellbeing, as well as on the existence of Australia as we know it today.

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Food Security and Human Rights: Examining Article 11(2) of the ICESCR

Article 11(2) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights protects civilians’ rights to an adequate standard of living. The current climate crisis is putting food security at risk in turn threatening the rights outlined in the convention. Arguably, the convention is not doing enough to ensure the rights entailed in this convention are upheld and is incapable of responding to environmental threats.

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