Kiribati Relocation Strategy: An Exploration Of The Risks Kiribati Faces If Sea Levels Continue To Rise

This article examines the debates surrounding the future of small island nations such as Kiribati, which may completely disappear under the rising sea in the next 25 years. Rather than becoming “climate refugees” the I-Kiribati would prefer to move legally, with their rights fully respected, either as skilled workers or as part of a “deliberate relocation strategy” to Fiji. This too, however, doesn’t come without its challenges. - According to the IPCC Kiribati may completely disappear by 2050. - There is no legal status for so-called “climate refugees”, so what are people forcefully displaced by the climate crisis? The I-Kiribati do not want to become “climate refugees” and are pursuing, instead, “Migration with Dignity” and the possibility of relocation to Fiji.

Categories Climate Justice